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At Pavitt Land Use Consulting, LLC our mission is to assist you in adding value to your property. We specialize in navigating Oregon's complex land use planning process, supporting property owners where they most need the expertise. We work with clients from the earliest planning stages right through meeting the required conditions of development. We advocate for land owners to obtain necessary local, state and/or federal permits. We monitor, review and comment on local land use issues as they pertain to a property. Pavitt Land Use Consulting works with a strong network of local and regional subconsultants to bring a full complement of professional services to the table.

About us

Dawn PavittPavitt Land Use Consulting, LLC was established in Newport, Oregon by Dawn Pavitt in 1994, after nearly twenty years in planning and development for both governmental agencies and private companies. Dawn came to Oregon in 1977 and joined the Multnomah County Planning Department. From there she moved to the Port of Portland where she worked in various planning capacities. Almost eleven years at the Port gave Dawn a variety of responsibilities and accomplishments including waterways planner, planning for industrial parks and planning manager for the port activities. Dawn was recruited by Mentor Graphics Corporation to be their facilities planner. She managed the permitting, development and move to the company's 90 acre Wilsonville campus. Afterwards, Dawn moved to Stoel Rives law firm, providing land use consulting services to legal clients. An opportunity arose to move to the Oregon Coast where Dawn decided to open her own firm. Her experiences provide her with the unique perspective of having worked on both sides of "the counter". See Dawn's professional profile.


Planning/Project Design
Assist clients while planning for future uses
Plan for appropriate project designs given land use issues and zoning
Manage consultant teams while in due diligence, land use exploration and permit processes
Consensus building with agencies prior to permit process
Application preparation & submittal including review process & hearings
Dwelling approvals
Conditional use permits
Flood plain and geologic permits
Various state and federal development permits and leases
Comprehensive plan amendments
Zone changes
Land divisions, replats & property line adjustments
Planned developments
UGB amendments and annexations
Measure 37 and 49 claims
Project Development
Site evaluations and due diligence before you buy
Assistance in meeting permit conditions
Coordination with professionals and legal services to resolve problems
Support resolving various property issues


Over the years, clients have ranged from individual property owners to developers and large companies and organizations such as Pepsi, Central Lincoln PUD, and the Lincoln County School District. Governmental clients include the City of Newport and the Port of Toledo.

We respect our clients' desire for discretion in their property matters. However, some references are available upon request.

Planning a Successful Project

Pitfalls of getting land-use permits
Check early on with your land use consultant to make sure the zoning allows the proposed project.
Many projects run in to trouble when applicants do not fully consider the potential impacts of their project on neighboring land uses. Make sure that you think about how to make your project a good neighbor for the surrounding area.
In Oregon, erosion control, drainage, and storm water runoff are critical issues. Try to design your project to have the least off-site impacts including transportation, glare, noise, drainage, lights, and general activity. Consider landscaping with native plants.
Talk a bit with neighbors in order to determine the critical neighborhood issues. Think about how you could avoid or positively address those critical concerns.
Steps to a building project
Develop a game plan. Talk with your banker and tax advisor. Determine your budget and if there are any other timing or financial restrictions.
Meet with your land use consultant to set up a project schedule.
Determine a time line. Include time for due diligence and application preparation, review and approval. Plan for at least a two-week appeal period for each land use approval.
Meet with utility providers and local officials. Try to determine if there will be adequate services or if there are other issues.
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